For two years, I’ve worked on updating my living room. Now, if you’d imagine a drum roll, please…..  Here is my Chinoiserie Inspired  Room Makeover.

Palm Beach Chic
Colorful Curated Living Room

The two year process began with the customized drapery hack you can find here. The DIY post for the custom tassels you see on the lamps can be found here. There are elements of chinoiserie, palm beach preppy and some traditional southern twists in the room! Now on to the most recent Chinoiserie Inspired Room Makeover.

Elements of Chinoiserie, Palm Beach Chic, and Old South Design Styles Working Together

As with the dining room update recently completed and blogged about here, I’ve combined Chinoiserie, Traditional Southern, and a splash of Palm Beach in the living room. The all new design style I call “Chinosoutherie”.

Palm Beach Preppy
Brightly Colored Eclectic Living Room Mix

There is nothing more southern than a vintage drum table. I’ve owned the one in the living room for several years, but with the makeover I splashed it with he most vibrant grass green paint I could find.

Chinoiserie Chic Decor
Non-Traditional ~ Traditional Antique Drum Table

A traditional sofa is flanked by vintage marble top end tables, that you could have found decades ago in an southern home. But, now they are adorned with modern table lamps and meticulously curated and colorful Chinoiserie decor pieces.

Eclectic Decor Style
Chinoiserie Decor Items

Palm Beach Chic Makes an Appearance in this Chinoiserie Inspired Living Room Makeover as well

The acrylic and metal cocktail table, bright pillows and over-sized modern art piece could easily be found in a Palm Beach home. So could the entertaining brass monkey. He is on his best behavior along side the striking green pagoda, the larger than life ginger jar, and a colorful stack of coffee table design books .

Palm Beach Preppy Decor
Suprising and Playful Collection of Decor

The pink lacquered cheetah chair deserves a DIY blog post all it’s own, and will be featured in a future blog.

DIY Lacquer Chair
How do you add an element of fun in a room that is already loaded with frivolity? Pink Lacquer and Cheetah Print

There are a few pieces that I was lucky enough to thrift! I love to have a piece or two in every room that was rescued from a thrift store. The vintage Asian articulated lamp that is front center in the picture window, and the amazing vintage Asian bowl fit the bill in this living room makeover.

Vintage Asian Decor
Vintage Chinoiserie Decor Items

This colorful room greets me with a cheery “good morning”, day after day as I begrudgingly drag myself down the staircase, yawning all the way, toward that requisite cup of coffee! Hope your home does the same for you!

You can see more of my colorful home on my Instagram account, just follow this link: Southern Nell Gracious Living

Enjoy Today!

Love y’all,

Lori Nell

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  1. Shanna


    I’ve always admired your ability to throw color together like no one else. It’s fun to watch. You did a beautiful job.

    • Southern Nell Gracious Living


      Thank you, Shanna! That makes my heart so happy!!

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