This post will give Ideas for Front Porch Decorating this Fall.

The long awaited fall front porch post is here.

What? You have not been waiting for this?

OH! You didn’t know how much you wanted to see this fall decorated front porch! Believe me. You are either going to love it OR wonder what in the world I was thinking. The fall front porch will be your first look at the front door color choice.

Let’s just say, I may have given new meaning to “Go Big or Go Home”, AND coined “Go Bold or Go Home”.

Deep breath……..

Dark Gray House with Fushia Door

I am grinning so loudly! I absolutely LOVE this door color. Can you believe I talked Tom the Great into this fabulous color? It was definitely a slow walk.

We had to repaint the house this past summer (I’ll be writing on those colors, updating the garage doors, and even TtG’s garage refresh in a future post). So, we spoke with the painters about the vintage door, yes the one that I had literally poured blood sweat and tears into refinishing, (read all about that DIY HERE). We were advised to paint it, unless we wanted to reapply stain yearly. Fortunately, I still have the raw wood to admire on the inside, untouched by the ravishing nature of sunlight.

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Now to the real fun of having a porch, getting to decorate it for the seasons! Here are the items I chose this year.

Tall White Planters – Symmetrical Look For Porch

Although I will miss having a rocking chair on my front porch, I made the decision to use symmetry (at least in part) to create a semi-formal look for the entrance, and that left me with too little space for a chair.

So, I purchased new matching focal planters, and a couple of my favorite blue and white pots to add in with the prized vintage concrete Greek-key pots I already owned.

Fun Plum-themed Fall Front Porch

I’ve sourced some similar planters for you.

Ideas for Decorating a Front Porch for Fall

The List

  • celosia argentea -commonly known as plumed cockscomb
  • basket of white and lavender mums
  • pots of echinacea – c.k.a. cone flower
  • faux leaf garland
  • fall decor filled lanterns
  • pumpkins

Fall Front Porch Idea Number One – Fall Flower – Plumed Cockscomb

I eventually want boxwoods for the tall planters, but the topiary shape I’m envisioning was not available at this time of year, so something fun to look forward to next spring. Instead I found, and rescued these wiry beauties from the Home Depot clearance shelves! The color and texture is spectacular.

Plum Colored Fall Flowers

Fall Front Porch Idea Number Two – Basket of Mums

Mums will always, always have a place in the world of fall flowers and fall front porches for me! They are beautiful perennials for your flower beds as well, if you have time to dead head them for a few weeks. They want to show off their beauty long before fall most years.

Basket of Fall Mums

I love them in a basket! Frankly, this is not the idea for you to embrace if you want your watering job to be a quick one. I have to carefully turn those little mum pots and give them a drink, and then position them back into the basket. So worth it to me, but I want you to know the time commitment.

Fall Front Porch Idea Number Three – Coneflowers

The coneflower starts blooming in late summer and goes through the fall. Every fall I plan on using these beauties on the porch, and then getting them in the ground for the following year. Maybe, just maybe this will be the year I follow through. Aren’t their colors amazing.

Bright Plum Fall Flowers

Notice how my DIY Birdbath Succulent Garden has filled in nicely! Next year, I’ll be ready to capture some photos of the birdbath when it is bloom! It was spectacular. Until then, you can see the tutorial and the early stages of the succulent birdbath HERE.

Fall Front Porch Idea Number Four – Fall Garland

Here is where many of you would choose a wreath! I think fall wreaths are beautiful and have used them a lot in the past. However, TtG is protective of the newly painted door, and it does have the sweetest glass window feature, so I opted for a garland over the door.

Gold Leaf Fall Garland

I found the base golden leaf garland, and just added a couple of the burgundy hydrangea and some sparkly fall sunflowers. I’ll be posting the simple DIY of the garland project this week along with how I hung it without damaging the new paint job.

Fall Decor Idea Number Five – Fill you Lanterns with Fall Decor

Whether you add a few acorns and leaves from your front yard, or stuff in a couple of faux pumpkins, adding a little touch of fall inside porch lanterns is a fun.

Oh! Oh!

And always tie a cute bow on top! You might find a cute animal print along with a wired ribbon in a fall plum the perfect combination for a bow, or the traditional orange, brown, gold, plaid, buffalo check (endless inspiration) ribbon will look fantastic.

Outdoor Blue Lantern

I know I’ll get questions about these blue lanterns. You know the story……clearance aisle! That is just how I operate most of the time. But, I searched and found these similar and extra cute blue lanterns.

Fall Front Porch Idea Number Six – Pumpkins

Now, for a newsflash of the blindingly obvious fall decor idea, add pumpkins! It’s a little early to purchase the real variety, but no fall porch would be complete without a couple of pumpkins! I can’t wait to get my hands on a couple of cinderella pumpkins to squeeze into this display! It will likely be at least a couple of weeks until those beauties are ready, and I couldn’t wait that long to share the fall front porch with you.

Lavender Mums and White Pumpkins for Fall

There you have another year of decorating the front porch for fall. Here are the sources all in one convenient place.

I have a fun welcome mat on the way, so I’ll be updating this post when it gets here. Just wait until you see what I found!

White and Lavender Mums in a Basket
Fall Front Porch Ideas
Outdoor Fall Disaplay in Plums

Enjoy Today!
Love y’all,

Lori Nell

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    • Southern Nell Gracious Living


      Fall porch may be my favorite. I can’t wait for the real pumpkins to show up!

    • Southern Nell Gracious Living


      Exactly, Anita! I couldn’t agree more! Mine is such a small porch compared to the ones I remember growing up in Tennessee! Porches that go on forever!!

  1. Reply

    What a beautiful Fall porch! I love the various and unexpected Fall colors. That is how I like to decorate for Fall, as well.

  2. acraftymix


    I LOVE your front door color Lori. Such a beautiful invitation to a spectacular interior. Somehow I couldn’t imagine you with anything else. It just fits!!!

    • Southern Nell Gracious Living


      I’m so glad you like it, Michelle. It was a bold choice even for this color lover. But, we are loving it.

    • Southern Nell Gracious Living


      Thank you Carol. It was a bold choice, but one I’m really enjoying! I appreciate you stopping by.

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    I adore your door color and coordinating flowers on your fall porch! Those white planters are everything. Go bold or go home! xo

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    What great decorating ideas. I have a lantern and garland on my front porch right now too (aren’t lanterns the best?). I love how all the beautiful flowers look and I need to get some mums for my front porch too. Thanks so much for sharing with all of us.

    • Southern Nell Gracious Living


      My pleasure, Chas. So glad you like the porch. I couldn’t agree more with lanterns! Possibly the single most versatile home decor items for several years now!!

    • Southern Nell Gracious Living


      Thank you, Morgan. I thought they would look good with the modern shaped windows.

    • Southern Nell Gracious Living


      Thank you, Stacy. We are really having a gorgeous fall and enjoying the porch!

    • Southern Nell Gracious Living


      Thank you! I went with sleek and simple for the sake of that Fuschia front door! I appreciate you stopping by the blog!!

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