Updated 4/21/2020: This post contains a photographic tour with Front Yard and Backyard Landscape Ideas

Front Yard Landscaping

You know how I make no claims to be good in the kitchen? Well, I’m only slightly above novice in the flower garden. Yeah, I manage pretty well with pots and planters. But with the larger grounds and beds and stuff,  I’m still a beginner type! Still, just like I thoroughly enjoy a well prepared meal, I ‘m nearly paralyzed by a beautiful garden. I’m always searching for Front yard and Backyard Landscaping Ideas.

Enter ~ Anet Rosette: master gardener residing on one of the corner lots of King Lane. She is one of our royal members! Matter of fact, we crowned her the first Queen of King Lane this past New Year’s Eve (wish I had a photo to share of the coronation.) Which reminds me we promised her a parade! It’s coming your majesty.

As a neighbor, she is adored, and as a  gardener she is revered!

Front Yard and Backyard Landscape Ideas

In just about seven short years, she’s transformed a King Lane corner lot from less than basic to breathtaking! Let’s take a stroll through the beautifully landscaped yards of this master gardner.

Bonus: Side- Yard Landscaping

When you have that coveted corner lot, you have even more opportunity to show your master gardening talents.


Take your time……


Backyard Landscaping Ideas



Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Although Anet Rosette’s front door wasn’t featured in a prior blog, The Front Doors of King Lane, it certainly could have been!


Yard Ornaments

Ever so often as you meander, you’ll find ornamental treasures tucked in and among the shrubbery and flowers of the landscape. Each piece comes with a intriguing “story” of its origin.


Anet managed to carve out a little seating area, that was formerly a pad of grass.


A Master in Her Garden

Here the master is clipping some beauties to share with neighbors! I know this because I was the recipient.

Gardening is not easy work! I see Anet Rosette out most days of spring and summer planting, pruning, and putzing! With that prized corner lot, so many of us get to enjoy the fruits (flowers?) of her labor.


All in a day’s work. Most definitely, the stuff dreams are made of, literally!

Enjoy Today!

Love y’all,

Lori Nell

Front Yard and Backyard Landscape Ideas

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  1. Erica Butler


    Nicely done! I will check out her yard on my next walk with my pooch!

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  6. Reply

    When we are planning a landscape install for clients we have two main factors we always pay attention to. The first is the aesthetics that the client is going for. This is clearly a priority and why we’re hired for the job. The second main factor that very few people pay attention to is the seasonality of the geography where we operate and how plants installed in the summer may fair in that following winter season.

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