Do it now, friends! I know I’m not the boss of you. But, if I  were, I’d say get your people together and share a meal and some fun outside. You don’t have to be fancy. It’s all about enjoying the beauty of the season with people you love! It can be as simple as quilts, sandwiches, and bocce ball. Winter is speeding toward us. Now, is your chance!


As written in a past post, Strolling Through a Master’s Garden, I’m just past novice as a gardener. So, while I would have loved to set up a table and chairs under a large oak tree in the back yard, I had to settle for a corner on the back deck, with a view of the neighbors beautiful trees in full fall color morph. In my defense, we had one heck of a kick-ball, soccer, baseball, football (you get the idea), back yard for the neighborhood children (and adults). We simply met next door to play in the leaves!

Neighborhood Leaf Party ~ 2003

( First photo: back l-r Tiffany, Elise, Megan, Annalisa – middle row  T.J., Collin, Haley, Lauren and front row – Maddie Grace)

Now, that the offspring are all grown up and moved away, I’m slowly adding more beauty to the backyard landscape. Of course I planted a magnolia tree, gardenia bushes, and peonies, in an effort to bring some southern charm to my mid-west back yard. We’ll soon know just how green my thumb is;  until then, the deck made a beautiful venue for dining.


You know how I love color. So using a melange of vintage Fostoria and other glassware was a no-brainer. The cobalt blue chargers were on of our first purchases  when Tom the Great and I moved into our home over 20 years ago. I still enjoy using them and felt their color intensity met the glasses with equal brilliance.


Suppose it’s too late in your neck of the woods, for outdoor dining. My dear friends in Minnesota, take a look at their home here: Lake Home ~ Restyling a Great Room with a View, already have snow. So, in an effort not to leave anyone out, I’ve put together a little indoor fall tablescape. This look can work for Thanksgiving, which is less than 25 days away.

I’ve chosen a soft neutral color palette for this fall tablescape, using the casual feel of Gerber daisies and white pumpkins nestled in eucalyptus and maple leaves from the front yard that are just tipped in fall color. Combine those with vintage silver, a touch of copper, and a whisper of blush and I have a favorite new tablescape (a least for now).


I find it amusing that my favorite tablescape is almost always the one I just completed!


Layers, layers, and more layers are the stuff of Autumn and Winter décor. On this table I’ve combine a vintage barely blush runner on top of a textured woven runner. A mix of dishes united by their cream color are layered on oversized vintage silver platters (I promise I’m not being lazy with the silver; I prefer the tarnished look of age, at least sometimes.)


The hammered-copper napkin rings look great with the blush and silver. The colors are repeated in the  candlesticks and water glasses.


The silver element was repeated with vintage silver sugar bowls, silver candlesticks and silver goblets.






The tea cart is ready with any extras the hostess may need, at a convenient reach.


Well folks, that’s the end of the fall tour for 2017! If you haven’t already, you might click through the past few posts for more fall inspiration ( Fall Home Tour – 2017 – Family Room and Dining Room , A Simple, Elegant, Brown and White Fall Tablescape, Fall Home Tour – 2017 – Family Room and Dining Room, Before and After Master Bedroom Partie Un (Dressed for fall,of course) ).

Now, you understand, that in order to provide a little inspiration for the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year”, I’ve more than likely begun the transition to winter wonderland in parts of my home.  In anticipation of the fun family feast that happens at the end of this month, the dining room will be that final fall frontier, and will remain dressed in fall beauty through most of November. (Did you notice how I managed not to offend any of you with the ‘C’ word?)

Enjoy Today!

Love y’all,

Lori Nell



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