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Fall Decor for Outdoor Tablescape
Colorful Vintage Dishes can Create a Beautiful Fall Tablescape for Outdoor Dining

What is more fun than sharing a meal outdoors in the beautiful fall weather? You can keep it simple with paper goods or you may choose to hall your china out to the deck. Either way:

You can Create an Easy Colorful Fall Tablescape for Outdoor Dining.

Vintage Fall Tablescape
Mix and Match Vintage Dishes for a simple fall tablescape

You don’t have to be fancy. It’s all about enjoying the beauty of the season with people you love! It can be as simple as quilts, sandwiches, and bocce ball. But, winter is speeding toward us, so, now is your chance.

Vintage Tablescape for Fall Outdoor Dining
Mix and Match Vintage Dishes for a Colorful Fall Outdoor Tablescape

As written in a past post, Strolling Through a Master’s Garden, I’m just past novice as a gardener. So, while I would have loved to set up a table and chairs under a large oak tree in the back yard, I had to settle for a corner on the back deck, with a view of the neighbors beautiful trees in full fall color morph. In my defense, we had one heck of a kick-ball, soccer, baseball, football (you get the idea), back yard for the neighborhood children (and adults). We simply met next door to play in the leaves!

2003 – King Lane Originals Enjoying a Fall Day

Now, that the offspring are all grown up and moved away (no longer needing a large space for playing an epic game of whiffle ball), I’m slowly adding more beauty to the backyard landscape. Of course, I planted a magnolia tree, gardenia bushes, and peonies, in an effort to bring some southern charm to my mid-west back yard. We’ll soon know just how green my thumb is. I’ll be sure to blog about it in the future. For now,

The Deck Can Make a Beautiful Venue for Outdoor Dining in the Fall.

Vintage Dishes make a Colorful Fall Tablescape for Dining Outdoors
Outdoor Dining in the Fall

You know how I love color. So using a melange of vintage Fostoria and other glassware was a perfect choice for me. When Tom the Great and I moved into our home over 20 years ago, the cobalt blue chargers were one of our first purchases.  I still enjoy using them and felt their color intensity met the vintage glasses with equal brilliance.

Vintage Dishes and Fall Decor Create a Simple Outdoor Tablescape
Layer Fall Foliage for a Simple Fall Tablescape

Create a Simple Fall Centerpiece

I worked extremely hard on this centerpiece, wink wink! It’s a mix of live seeded eucalyptus, faux berries, and the only real white pumpkin I could find at the moment!

Simple Fall Decor can Create a Colorful Outdoor Centerpiece
White Pumpkins and Seeded Eucalyptus Make a Simple Outdoor Fall Centerpiece
Fall Decor makes Simple Fall Tablescape
A mix of faux and real fall decor creates a simple and easy fall centerpiece for the outdoor table.

Suppose it’s too late in your neck of the woods, for outdoor dining. My dear friends in Minnesota, take a look at their home here: Lake Home ~ Restyling a Great Room with a View, already have snow. So, in an effort not to leave anyone out, here area few of the “indoor” fall tablescapes I’ve put together in my day. You can find inspiration here: A Simple Fall Tablescape or Fall on the Front Porch.

Enjoy Today!

Love y’all,

Lori Nell

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