Valentine's Day Table Setting

6 Simple and Elegant Valentine’s Day Table Settings

This post contains 6 Simple and Elegant Valentine’s Day Table Settings A romantic, elegant table for two can be created in your own dining room. If you’re not in the mood for cooking, you can order your (and his) favorite food and serve it up in the cozy comfort of your own home. Here’s some

Create an Easy Fall Harvest Table Setting

This post will help you Create an Easy Fall Harvest Table Setting. Simple. Affordable. DIY. If that’ what you’re looking for in a fall table setting or tablescape, we’re on the same wavelength! Horray. A quick trip to the refrigerator, and you can have a beautiful focal point for each of your individual table settings

Everyday Tablescape Ideas

Ten Simple Everyday Tablescape Ideas

We do it everyday: set the table for dining. It is not that hard or expensive to add flare and fun to this otherwise mundane chore. Here are Ten Simple Everyday Tablescape Ideas that will not break the bank. One of my favorite areas to feed the need to create is on a dining table.

Simple Easter Centerpiece

Three Darling, Low Budget Tips for Decorating at Easter

Today, I’ll share three ideas for adding Easter décor to your home. I view this as a prelude to full-blown spring decor, a blog I’ll be writing soon. Here’s your four step guide: Tip #1 for Low Budget Decorating at Easter: Set the Dining Table. You already know that the table is my favorite décor playground. Boy, did

Autumn into Fall Elegant Farmhouse Tablescape

Elegant Farmhouse Fall Tablescape

So you’re planning to host a fall family dinner. I have the perfect relaxed table setting that still shows you invested a little time and effort. Here’s a guide to create an Elegant Farmhouse Fall Tablescape. It is both elegant with cut crystal and vintage Johnson Brothers English Countryside Dishes, and farmhouse with brown and