This post will help you Create a Simple Autumn Harvest Table Setting. Falls beautiful harvest helps you create an elegant tablescape for Thanksgiving.




If that’ what you’re looking for in a fall table setting or tablescape, we’re on the same wavelength! Horray.

A quick trip to the refrigerator, and you can have a beautiful focal point for each of your individual table settings this fall. Flowers and pumpkins are great fall decor ides, but why not step out of the box and try using some of fall’s bounty.

Fall Harvest Table Setting
Fall Table Setting

You can find a step by step guide to create the centerpiece on this post: DIY Fall Centerpiece. These fall tables have simple easy to replicate ideas as well: Budget Friendly DIY Fall Centerpiece || Four Items will Create an Elegant DIY Fall Centerpiece

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How to Create a Simple Autumn Harvest Table Setting

  • Choose A Color Scheme For Your Fall Harvest Tablescape
  • Decide on Table Covering
  • Layer Dishes
  • add drinking glasses
  • Place napkins and flatware
  • determine focal point for the individual place settings

Begin with a Fall Color Scheme

There are endless color options that will work for creating your easy fall harvest table setting. Just take a walk around the block and you will see many of them. Autumn is a colorful playground for the eye.

This fall I chose a berry colored theme, and tied the rooms of the main floor together with various shades of berry. Each room dictated an additional color partner, and for the dining room it was cobalt blue. So nice, since cobalt blue is a cornerstone of chinoiserie, a style I repeat in each room of the main floor.

Simple Fall Harvest Table Setting
Layer the Dishes

Decide on Table Covering

Fabric is always a good idea what would be a fairly hard surface, with equally cold, hard china and glassware. Layering your table with a tablecloth, table runner or place mats will help to add a soft quality to the dining space. Go with what you have.

I know not all of you have your breakfront and china cabinet drawers filled with napkins, place mats, runners, and tablecloths like some kind of table goods hoarder. (I don’t know who would. Ahem). These Kate Spade vibrant pink rectangle place mats topped with a textured boysenberry colored circular place mat were great for staying in the berry colored theme for the dining room.

Fall Harvest Table Setting
Berry and Cobalt Fall Table Setting

Layer the Dishes

In typical Southern Nell form, I borrowed from two of my dish collections to create this colorful setting. The berry colored dishes are the latest to squeeze there way into my dish cabinet. I found these, along with there kelly green counter parts, on a 90% clearance rack when I was visiting my family in Nashville.

These are the end of my dish purchasing days (fingers crossed). I purchased only the dinner plates, knowing how I love to mix and match salad and snack plate collections that are stacked in ALL the storage cabinets. The blue and white Spode snack plates were my mother-in-law, Mary’s, and are a treasure.

Blue and White China on Fall Tablescape
Layer Vintage Blue and White with Modern Berry Color Dishes

Add Stemware to Your Fall Harvest Table Setting

If you stay true to your color scheme, or use crystal, this is an easy step. I usually have a water and a tea glass on the dining table. These vintage cobalt blue goblets were just the right touch to tie in Mary’s blue and white Spode salad plates.

Colorful Stemware for Fall
tage Cobalt and Berry Goblets

Place Napkins and Flatware

Napkins are a great opportunity to add some pattern. You also have a million places and folds that are considered acceptable placement for a casual table, like artfully arranged inside the water goblet, placed between the dinner plate and the salad plate, placed on top of the salad plate or soup bowl, or formerly folded and placed underneath the knife and spoon.

Some of you have formal silver to bring out during the holidays, and I hope you do that. This is one area of the table setting that I’ve not become a hopeless hoarder. I simply have my everyday flatware, and this vintage gold bamboo set.

Chinoiserie Napkins and Flatware
Chinoiserie Blue and White Napkins and Faux Bamboo Brass Flatware

Determine the Focal Point for the Individual Place Setting

We are not trying to ignore the beautiful centerpiece you’ve created for fall, following the step by step guide on this post: DIY Fall Centerpiece

Autumn Tablescape Ideas
Radishes in the vintage dessert bowl

But, you can add a focal point for each of you’re guests at their individual place setting. If you’ve mastered a beautiful napkin fold, you would use that. You might also use a place card, or a small commemorative gift. I love using vintage footed dessert bowls on top of my salad plates. This give you the perfect space to add that commemorative gift.

Here, I made a trip to the refrigerator and found some fall harvest food items in the berry colored theme! Apples, red grapes, and tasty radishes were great for this fall harvest tablescape. You could use the same item for all the place settings or mix it up.

Red apple in a vintage dessert bowl
Apple in Dessert Bowl
Grapes spilling from a vintage dessert bowl
Grapes in the vintage dessert bowl
Fall Harvest Dining Room
Fall Harvest Dining Room

(For those wanting to recreate this tablescape or an element from this table setting, I’ve sourced the look for you. Just tap the arrow and scroll through the items. Tap the photo, near the bottom to shop.)

A complete tour of this tablescape and it’s creation can be found saved in my Instagram Stories. Here’s a portion:

See the Full Tour of the Tablescape on My Instagram

Enjoy Today!

Love y’all,

Lori Nell

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