This post contains 6 Simple and Elegant Valentine’s Day Table Settings

A romantic, elegant table for two can be created in your own dining room. If you’re not in the mood for cooking, you can order your (and his) favorite food and serve it up in the cozy comfort of your own home.

Valentine's Day Table Setting
Romantic Valentine’s Day Table Setting

Here’s some other table settings you might enjoy: Ten Simple Everyday Tablescapes , Farmhouse or Fancy

You Need Just a Few Items for a Beautiful Valentine’s Day Table Setting

  • Elegant Napkins
  • Romantic Stemware
  • Hearts in some iteration
  • Chocolate (could be in heart form and you’re down to three items)

6 Simple and Elegant Valentine’s Day Table Settings

Here are several of my favorite bloggers/designers/pinners Valentine’s Day Table Settings past/present for you to check out. My own included.

  1. I understand that some of you still have the offspring nipping at your heels, and will happily add a few more places to the table if needed. Seasons do change, always enjoy the one you are living. My Valentine’s Day Table 2019:
Pink and White Valentine's Day Tables Setting with crocheted tablecloth
Cottage Style Valentine’s Day Table Setting

I have linked similar items used for my 2019 Valentine’s Day Tablescape, if you’re in the market.

2. Here’s some of the amazing work of my friend, Janet of Shabbyfufu fame. The link to this post is in the caption.

3. Many of you have noted the similarities in Jennifer, Dimples and Tangles, style of decorating and my own. One thing is undeniable: We both love color! You can find the link to her post in the caption of her photo.

4. One of the masters of tablescapes I’ve come across in the past several years is Lory. Her blog is Designthusiasm and it is exquisite. She has a French flare that I admire. Read the entire blog post at the link in the caption of her photo.

5. The epitome of elegance is social media queen, Randi of Randi Garrett Design. Here is one of the Valentine’s tablescapes she designed, link the caption.

5 and 6. Here are a couple more of my past Valentine’s Day Tablescapes for good measure.

Red and Gold Valentine's Day Table Setting
Valentine Table Setting with white and pink
Cottage Style Valentine’s Day Table Setting

Hopefully, you are inspired by now. I’m sure if you pull out the everyday dishes and set the dining room table with a loving hand, your’s will be the most beautiful Valentine’s Day table your Valentine would ever want!

Enjoy Today!

Love y’all,

Lori Nell

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