Today, I’ll share three ideas for adding Easter décor to your home. I view this as a prelude to full-blown spring decor, a blog I’ll be writing soon. Here’s your four step guide:

Tip #1 for Low Budget Decorating at Easter: Set the Dining Table. You already know that the table is my favorite décor playground. Boy, did I have a blast this year! Thematic décor is a simple way to keep you on track when decorating.  I don’t always use a secondary  theme (almost never) to the over-arching Spring theme, but when I found these irresistible carrot towels in February, I knew exactly where I would be going with this casual dining room table setting.

Easter Table Setting

Simple and Easy Easter Decor

Easy Easter Centerpiece

After a somewhat epic fail, (you can view my attempt at an all veggie centerpiece on my Instagram Stories saved in the Highlights section), I reverted to simple spider chrysanthemums for the centerpiece of this casual table setting. I was lucky to find these bright orange mums that work beautifully with the “carrot” theme.

Easter Table Setting

Simple Easter Centerpiece

I found the Happy Easter throw pillow at Home Goods. I hope you have one near you! I’m forever finding relatively inexpensive treasures on my visits.

Easter Decor

The tobacco ladder was dressed with the orange and green color scheme as well, and draped with a couple of colorful easter eggs for good measure.

Easter Tulips

One of my favorite pieces of Easter décor is this “large and in charge” ceramic bunny mom! I’m certain she’s a mom, just look at that serious gaze! She’s the prefect Segway to another tip:

Tip #2 for Low Budget Decorating at Easter: Use Easter bunnies young and old, stuffed or ceramic, borrowed from your children, or found at your favorite décor store!

Just so happens my sweet little girly, although she’s approaching 6 feet in height these days, has always been super partial to bunnies! She had a wonderful collection of them growing up, as they were her go to response when asked what she would like for her birthday for several years running! Although we parted with most of the stuffed cottontails long ago, I tucked away a few favorites and bring them out this time of year, nestling them around the home.

Simple Easter Decor

(L to R) Savanah, Miss Dixie Bloom, Lavender, Bugsy

These survivors have names! There was a season of her life that Annalisa the Beautiful requested original bedtime stories related to these bunnies. My creative writing/storytelling skills were certainly challenged, but we muddled through and she was delighted by the antics of the bunny family. The stories centered around Lavender, her younger brother Bugsy, her cousins Savanah and Penelope , and their adventures while sleeping over at Grandmother’s nest.  Miss Dixie Bloom (aka Grandmother), feathered her nest beneath the front porch of a lively neighborhood home.  Their adventures include surviving both an attack of a giant black dog, and an all out attempt to forever seal the door of the bunny home by the homeowner, Mr. T.  Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming, decorating with bunnies.

Simple Easter Decorating Tips

Decorating for Easter

Tip #3 for Low Budget Decorating at Easter: Nestle various Easter Eggs around the Home.   Candy eggs, dyed eggs, stuffed eggs, ceramic eggs, chocolate eggs, speckeled eggs, and a personal favorite of mine, glowing eggs all have a place this time of year! Here are a few I ‘ve scattered about.

Easter DecorQuick and Easy Easter Decor

I fell in love with these  oversized,  pastel, impossible to miss ceramic eggs a decade ago. I found them at Hobby Lobby, and I think they may still carry them.

Decorating for Easter

Simple Easter Decor

Easter Decor

Easter Decorating

So find your Easter eggs and bunnies and celebrate this Easter! I can smell the ham cooking, can’t you!

Enjoy Today!

Love y’all,

Lori Nell

(He is risen! Oh, what a beautiful Savior! I celebrate the gift of the cross and the miracle of His resurrection every day. I’m thankful that the world stops to recognize this amazing grace every spring. In last year’s Easter blog, I  describes the Easter memories of Little Nell, along with sharing two simple tablescapes. You can read those memories here.)






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