This year you can Make Easter Decorating Easy by using the beloved Easter Egg!  Here, one decor element, the Easter Egg, is used in five areas! 

Easy Easter Decorating Ideas

Over-sized Easter Eggs

Here are five areas to Make Easter Decorating Easy with the Beloved Easter Egg.

  1. Entry Way
  2. Living Room
  3. Dining Table
  4. China Cabinet
  5. Buffet

Historically, eggs have symbolized rebirth and fertility. Early Christians, began using Easter eggs to symbolize the tomb from which life, Christ’s resurrected life, would emerge. As a believer, I love to have these reminders around the home for this season. One tradition that is stilled practiced by some believers, is to dye the eggs red, representing Christ’s blood that was shed during his gift of salvation to all who ask.

  1. The first reminder is found in my entry way. I’ve used the large ceramic eggs around the home for several years now. Hobby Lobby is where I found them. The little eggs in the nest were gifted to me by my sweet mother in law, Mary. They are a treasure!

Decorate with Easter Eggs

       2. Grouped on the living room coffee table are three of the large eggs.

Simple Easter Decor for the Coffee Table

Easter Eggs Make Easter Decorating Easy

      3. In year’s past I’ve used these eggs on the dining room table. You can see those on this post from 2017: Easter Table

Here is a peek at this year’s Easter Table 

The Easter Bunny makes a simple centerpiece.

Chinoiserie Chic Tablescape

Easter Tablescape Simplified

I used jelly beans in my egg cups. 

Decorating the Table for Easter

Easter Table Decor


Simple Easter Decorating

Simple Easter Table Decor


    4. The china cabinet is a favorite place for me to add seasonal décor. 

Easy Decorating Ideas for Easter

China Cabinet decorated for Easter

    5. On the buffet, I replaced the hurricanes and candles that are usually found on these large vintage brass candlesticks with a the large scale Easter eggs.

Easy Easter Decorating Ideas

Over-sized Easter Eggs

I told you this was a quick and easy. Be sure to follow me on Instagram for daily decor inspiration. Click Here to For My Instagram Account

We are so blessed and grateful for a dedicated holiday to celebrate family and most importantly a Risen Savior.

Enjoy Today!

Love y’all,

Lori Nell

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