Fall 2017 Home Tour will continue with a look at the changing of the seasonal decor guard that took place on the front porch! Your’s truly, Southern Nell (said with a head tilt and a coy smile), is not one to “stay in the safe zone”, at least with color. You remember from an earlier post about updating your Front Porch, the door is now washed with my favorite coral/pink (leave a message for the details color ). 


What with the striking brilliance on the door, I chose the softer shades of green, plum and white to usher in the kinder gentler season.



The steel topiaries welcomed white baby boo pumpkins,  tucked in and around the succulents that survived and thrived through spring and summer.



I managed to “skinny-in” (a favorite phrase adopted from a dear friend, and Kindergarten Teacher extraordinaire, Miraculous Marsha, (if you’ve ever watched how she works in a classroom full of Ks you would agree with the name)), a wicker rocker! Tom the Great and I have to take turns as there is just room enough for one on my teeny-tiny “mid-west” porch!


The pink petunias that cascaded from the twig basket were replaced with soft blush pink mums and a ruffly decorative kale plant. I think Annalisa the Beautiful’s bunny prefers the Kale!


Swapping out my “Welcome Friends” sign for a white pumpkin that’s not so specific with the Welcome,  and exchanging the pink flowers for of a couple of glitter sunflowers and I’m set with a fall wreath!



Ok;  so I tried to stick with the softer shades of fall. But, who in the world could blame a life long lover of orange for purchasing a couple of these stunning Celosia?



I hope you’ve enjoyed the close-up look at our Front Porch. Please come back as I will soon be giving a tour of the living room and my master bedroom with their own touches of Autumn!

Enjoy Today!

 Love Y’all,

Lori Nell




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