As much as we love summer, and we love summer, I’m afraid “That’s all folks!” The tilt of the Earth’s rotational axis brings forth yet another season! Our hope, now, is that our much revered summer will  let us down slowly.

Let’s embrace this new season as a welcomed opportunity to morph the décor of our home with the season.  I, for one, love change! Change of season, change of location,  change my mind, it’s all just so necessary in MY world!

My generation has seen apple cider give way to pumpkin spice, traditional plaids succumb to polar fleece and velour, and large bright orange ceramic pumpkins share space with beautiful velvet pepos in every color imaginable. However fall, or Autumn, America’s much more romantic name for said season (and one of the names on young Nell’s  short list for future daughters along with Brooke, Savannah, Danny Kate, and Olivia) still escorts a color show that rivals the picturesque ballet nature performs moving from of winter to spring. The traditional palate of fall’s performance (oranges, browns, mustards, reds) is spectacular. They’re represented in my seasonal décor. I do, however,  infuse some of the more subtle hues  hidden in nature this time of year.

The family room gets a full measure of the ‘traditional’ fall colors!  Beautiful shades of orange on a maple tree will take my breath away EVERY SINGLE TIME! So,  it’s no accident that our family room reflects that fall feeling, stopping just shy of crunchy leaves on the carpet! We even have our very own varmint; the hardest working mascot for Autumn, Mr. Squirrel. Though our furry worker’s load isn’t acorns, he’s quite proud displaying my succulent! The acorns at his feet are some of the one’s I collected in fall’s past and hand painted. You’ll see them along with pinecones and spiky Sweet Gum Tree balls scattered throughout my home. (Leave me a message if you’d like to see a step by step post on how to paint your own fall tree harvest.  It’s an inexpensive project that will only set you back $2-4 depending on where you purchase your metallic paint).



As you move from one photo to another, you may notice I’ve already rearranged (that change thang), much of the Autumn Décor. If it’s not nailed down……

I’m  cheerfully onboard with the velvet pumpkin craze! I throw a couple here, couple there and a couple everywhere! Pinterest  abounds with tutorials for how to make them. I’ve been collecting the one’s in my fall décor for several years now from numerous sources. You can find them at most craft stores, or if you love the fancier ones and don’t mind paying a bit (or lot) more check Etsy.




Fall is the perfect excuse to layer up the pillows and throws, which is music to my pillow-loving ears. The family room sofa has quite the mix with animal print, embroidered foul, and jeweled beauties all living in harmony.




And what would a change of décor be without those new(er) pillows and pumpkins paired with vintage accents. Happy to compete with the vintage squirrel for attention is a pheasant from 1950s who seems pretty proud to carry his own succulent! His color palette is both muted and alluring.


And what about the light show these vintage acrylic grapes are as they invite the sunshine to a play date!


Most of the  candlesticks get a layer of fall goodness. And, how about that fireplace harvest? Tom the Great and I have never built a real fire in the box, so I have another few feet to add a touch of beauty.



~Blue Boy, a wedding gift from Leland (one of my bridesmaids) participates in the Fall Fun~

The layering continues with the window treatments as I add the heavy draperies back to the mix for the fall and winter. They are topped off with falling leaves and a swag.

Now, we will take a closer look at the dining room. While I keep a touch of the traditional colors of Autumn, I add some of the softer colors to the mix.  Inspired by the table runner, shades of aqua and peach join the mix. I do love the colors, but I’ll admit it was the tassels that first caught my eye. They add fun detail to the tablescape.

IMG_3268Perhaps one of the easiest (and most elegant) centerpieces I’ve created is the pairing of these mercury glass pumpkins.IMG_3296

I promise to do a couple more tablescapes for you this fall, but I indulged in using my favorites first! I found these vintage blush Fostoria stemware and pitcher while antiquing several months ago.  I’m pretty sure I tripped over myself getting those in my hands.


As a fan of contrast in decor, I paired the dainty and fragile mercury glass pumpkins with large cast iron candlesticks.

IMG_3272The table setting is a casual mixing wicker, Fiesta ware and vintage grape salad plates. The Red Anjou pears add the perfect “cherry on top”, sort of.


Of course, those pears are long gone, and they were delicious. I’m heading out to the front porch to do a little fall transformation there. I’ve also got plans to share the living room and master dressed for fall, so come back soon.

Enjoy Today!

Love Y’all,

Lori Nell

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