When you live on the corner of Paradise and Heron, the visual expectations for the dramatic are amplified! My dear friends, and lifelong King Lane Gang members, Rob and Pam reside at that very poetic locale; it profusely exceeds the presumption. When she requested I drive to their Minnesota Lake home to help style her large family room and kitchen, she did not have to ask twice (we just worked out the timing)!


To be clear, what is pictured below is the preeminent attraction; anything we might add to the family room would graciously play second fiddle to the vistas!



My clients, Pam included, have wonderful taste and creativity, but generally seek help styling their treasures! Pam had collected most of the pieces she wanted to use in the space. We did, however, have spectacular fun shopping for a handful of decor items to complete the styling.

The sail boat seen below atop the china cabinet, is over 6 feet tall! That should give you an idea of the soaring views Pam and Rob enjoy.


 Pam knew she wanted to give nod to outdoor lake living without going “overboard”.


Second only to the remarkable lake views is a grandiose field stone fireplace!



The couple loves family and incorporates storied pieces into their decor. Leaning casually alongside the fireplace are antique skis that were owned and operated by Pam’s dad, Walter, in the deep snows of Michigan!


An aspect of the home (fabulous vistas excluded) that drew Pam and Rob to purchase is the wide open space that connects the family room with the main floor kitchen and dining.



Pam has a wonderful whimsical fun-loving personality. That may explain her attraction to this over-sized mosquito! I suppose when you’re in Minnesota, if you can’t beat ’em you join ’em!


She prefers clear counter tops with space to work!



The greens and berries were cut from her front yard! The American Mountain Ashe tree is easily admired from her front door and affably greets guest as they arrive. I love the lacy fern-like leaf the tree produces!



Obvious nature lovers, Pam and Rob wanted to work natural materials in to their decor. She loves all types of wood, stones and woodland creatures.



Rob’s tall tale while dockside is not of a fish but of a giant blue heron that flew in to say hello!  We sifted through numerous framed art pieces for the perfect representation,  but when we found this guy, she knew he could do the job.


The table below is black walnut; Pam’s dad had the tree cut from his farm for her 40th birthday; what an heirloom!  She’s still considering her options for finishing the table. It’s kept under protective cover until her decision is made, but she revealed the beauty long enough for us to snap a few pictures!


Both home owners enjoy photography as a hobby.  Their views provide abundant opportunities to capture beauty!


Check out some of their work from their window on the world:

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A week-long “job” on  location was exactly what I needed! Love these neighbors. Yes, neighbors, even with 500 miles trying to no avail to separate us.

Enjoy Today!

Love y’all,

Lori Nell


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  1. Your sis


    Had the timing been a smidge different, i would have accepted the gracious invitation to join you on your “job” site (to behold). Stunning space! As I scroll through the photo collage, I am reminded of the wondrous cool summers, colorful falls, frigid winters (cross country skis included) and too-long-coming springs as they strike a chord of familiarity from my 2 years of living up north in Michigan. I love how you captured their love for nature and native creatures. The gorgeous views are amptly balanced by the inside decor. How can you not love the 6′ sail boat… forget flying a kite, let’s go sail a boat.
    I certainly have no creative genes from which to contribute to your “job”, but maybe I could have pampered you and Pam (and Rob) with a few cuilnary delights from the very spacious kitchen. And if I had accepted, I would have missed visiting with your gorgeous and dear son, TJ the Great, Jr. I hope there’s a next time.

    Kuddos, again, my talented, precious sister who inherited all my creative genes…jealous, not jealous 😘😘

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