“Summer time and the livin’s easy”,  I won’t call it easy but it sure is lively! (Do yourself a favor and you tube Ella singing this classic, pour up something to sip on, and flop yourself in the comfort of a favorite star-viewing throne to give it a listen…you WILL thank me!)

The mention of summer evokes various ruminations for us. When the offspring were younger, I loved how relaxed summer evenings were. Tom the Great and I would sit on the front porch, often with a neighbor or two from down the Lane, while the kids rode bikes, caught lightning bugs, and sucked on freeze pops, with no thoughts of adhering to a bedtime schedule. We have so many delightful summer memories like eating dust at the baseball fields, sweating enormous puddles while timing at swim meets, piling in the SUV, Champ included, to run to one of the many ice cream joints within spittin’ distance.

And the images of summer! Earlier this year ,while visiting my family in Tennessee, I had to pull the car over, and capture this image of a home on… yes… Main Street that screamed SUMMERTIME!  Just look at that beautiful snowball bush (No, that’s not the official name, it’s what my great Aunt Sybil called the one on her front lawn!).


I love the front porch, screen door, rocking chairs, wicker, ferns, window boxes brimming with petunias, American flag…..


A girl can daydream……

And then, there’s THE front porch swing, located at Poppa and Mazie’s homestead.


Talk about memories! This swing, hung 30+ years ago, has been the location of so many peaceful moments, deep conversations, family bonding sessions…..

Tom and the girls

Tom the Great with Annalisa the Beautiful and Cousin Grayce

What great memories!

Unfortunately, on King Lane, and the surrounding Kingdom, we don’t have large front porches! I’ve heard some opine that one of the problems with society today is the decline of porch sittin’ with neighbors! I tend to agree.

Still we do our best here on King Lane with the our pint-sized front porch to say, “Hey y’all! We’re sa glad to see ya! ”

As indicated on a previous blog on the Front Doors of King Lane,  we love color and are inclined to show our originality on the front door. Tom the Great and I have been in our home for 21 years this past spring, and this front door has worn seven beautiful colors! With the exception of the builder’s beige that lasted only until we signed ownership (or is it debtorship) with the bank , I’ve loved them all (turquoise, black, pumpkin, gray, aqua, and coral).

It wasn’t an easy decision to cover over the beautiful Wythe Blue, by far, my favorite color of the aforementioned list……


that is until now…. Oh how I love this Old Country. This has been my very favorite color on the spectacular color wheel for as far back as I can remember! My mom had a beautiful dress made for me when I was about 8 years old, back when you got “all dressed up” to fly on an airplane. I think that’s when my love affair of any thing near orange on the color wheel began.


I’m not naïve enough to think that everyone will be raving over this door color! I suppose if anything, I’m hoping to encourage my readers to boldly go….


As noted, there’s not an abundance of room on the porch. There are seasons that I will squeeze a chair of some sort into the decor mix, but one chair (with my backside firmly implanted), doesn’t really invite neighbors to “Come sit a spell!” So, the wicker rocker wasn’t to be this summer. What I found, however, while running to one of the local hardware stores to purchase flowers, were these iron topiaries! I’m just so lucky that right beside the Nuts and Bolts, is a fabulous thrift store. These beauties were right out front and caught my eye immediately. Here’s the shape they were in when I found them.

When I discovered the spheres were iron and not rotten wood, I envisioned their new lease on life. Might I add that it was 1/2 price day–you just can’t beat a sale at the thrift store.

I ran out of time to transform the wooden containers. That will be something to look forward to for fall! Not sure, yet, what I’ll do with them.

I found the vintage piece of ladder in Lawrence, Kansas a couple of springs ago!  For those of you who are unfamiliar with Kansas,  Lawrence is the home of my son for about 4 years (and also the JAYHAWKS). TtG, Jr. and I were shopping on Mass Street during my first KU Moms Weekend. He sincerely likes to pick through Antique Shops like his Mom!


Adding a couple of friendly creatures to the decor mix is always fun! The bunny is for AtB; she has loved bunnies forever. Which might explaining why TtG has been unable to relocate the family living under our porch for the last 15+ years.



The wreath is one of my fun creations. I made it with quilting hoops! If you’d like a “how to blog”  to make your own, leave a comment below and I’ll post a tutorial. As you can see in a couple of the photographs, I found a sweet sign at Lone Elm Antiques to attach to the bottom of the wreath. Not only was it a color match, but the addition also provides the perfect scale for the front door.





Here’s a view from the front porch toward King Lane.


And, a close up of MY petunia basket.


Hope you enjoyed joining me on the front porch! So sorry I don’t have a seat so we could do some porch sittin’ ! Now, we’re off to enjoy some more summertime! Champ’s got bunnies to oversee!



Enjoy Today!

Love y’all,

Lori Nell


















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  1. Lisa


    Beautiful! Maybe your next study should be master gardener🌸🌻🌷. Loved visiting. Next time, tea, please, with lemon 😘

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