Really, nothing says WELCOME quite like a bright and cherry front door! Okay, you got me! Maybe a welcome sign or a welcome mat, but I’m talking figuratively and that’s literal…… sort of.


We all know and are thankful for those Homes Associations Rules and regulations that keep the neighborhood free of neon green, bright orange, or banana yellow houses! While I’m all for personal expression and creativity, after all we all have a favorite color or two, if you choose to live in a neighborhood, you need to read and abide by the bylaws.

Luckily, I do believe the front door is within the allowed realm of artistic expression (at least in most neighborhoods). So, with thousands of colors on the color wheel, I see no reason to limit your choice to beige, tan or cream (unless, of course, those are your favorite colors and you do not feel limited).

A quick stroll down King Lane reveals a few perfect examples of personal expression in front door color.

IMG_2190[Sidebar: I’ve not talked that much about neighbors here on the blog, so allow me a moment to opine. If you aren’t surrounded by caring, life sharing neighbors, I’m so sad for you. Our 20 plus years doing “Life on King Lane”, has been rich with supportive, responsible, and  fun-loving neighbors. Our family has enjoyed lifelong friendships with so many of our neighbors on King Lane and the surrounding kingdom. We’ve watered each other’s gardens, feed one another’s pets, passed around plants and flowers, comforted each other through losses, celebrated successes, held baby showers and wedding showers; you know, we’ve done life together on King Lane! I love my neighbors, past and present! God has richly blessed us on King Lane and I’m so thankful.]

Now, back to front doors: time for some inspiration.

First up: Christy the Cutie! She is one of the most encouraging, supportive neighbors you could dream of wanting. Her home is pristine (I plan on doing a blog on her guest room sometime this summer).  This past spring she launched out in bravery and splashed on some sky blue. The color works perfectly with her light taupe home.





And then right next door to me, Splendid Linda chose Golden Rod for her entry!  The bright and cheery color reflects her personality so well. She loves eclectic and vintage! She’s always painting walls and moving furniture. We’re pretty fearless together! Take a look….


The color is such a spoonful of sunshine! What a happy shade for neighbors who are equally cheerful and full of life. If you’re home is sporting a nice soft gray, spice it up with your favorite version of yellow.


You could be thinking, as much as I love those bright colors, I prefer something a little more reserved. Well, take a look at Kindhearted Karen’s front door. By the way, we all need a neighbor to call for a cup of sugar, an egg, or some gluten-free flour! She is that neighbor and so much more! When they moved in, 15 or so years ago, Kindhearted Karen had a one year old and was expecting twins! I know it was hectic those first few years, but she was always smiling and helpful!

Maybe she has enough excitement in her life, and a calm, cool, sophisticated gray, although not as bold as sky blue or golden rod,  is a beautiful choice for her home! I’m fond of how she perks it up with a colorful and alternative salutation to welcome with a turquoise “hello”!



Kind-hearted Karen always has beautiful zinnias lining her walkway!

I recently painted our front door! I’ve had Wythe blue for several years, and never tired of it’s beauty!


But, change is in my DNA! (Having said that, I do have many of the walls on my main floor that are a soft robin’s egg color and have been for 15 years or more. That in itself is a decorating miracle in my home). And, just a few weeks before we took the dive into yet another paint can, one of my neighbors around the corner asked for the name of the color so she could paint her front door! So, beautiful Wythe blue is still alive and well-represented, although not on King Lane, within the Kingdom.



So, we move on to yet another beautiful color from the deluge of beauty that is the color wheel! Tom the Great did not hesitate, not for a moment. He grabbed the paint brush and splashed away!  I give you, Old Country!!


I never had even a second of “that should be a shade lighter”, “oh, I wish I had gone a shade brighter” , “oh dear, what have I done”, or even, “it’s just paint”! I loved it from the first swipe of the paint brush!!

I don’t expect this beautiful shade of coral to sweep the nation! It’s just what I love! I’m respectful enough of the neighbors to keep it to the front door only and not the entire house. (Although, if I lived out in the country on a 10 acre farm, I might have that conversation with Tom the Great). I do hope, however, that you feel empowered to take a look at your front door and get to painting.

Soon, on the blog, a look at how Old Country works with the summer front porch decor, and easy step by step instructions for how I made the wreath pictured above.

Enjoy Today!

Love y’all,

Lori Nell

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