You only need Three Flowers to Create a Beautiful DIY Arrangement that will last in your home for days. You can even grab flowers from the grocery store. I’ll show you how.

DIY Grocery Store Flowers
Three Flowers can help you create a lush DIY flower arrangement

Steps to Using Three Flowers to Create a Beautiful DIY Arrangement

  1. Choose a large blossom flower: hydrangea, peonies, sunflowers, dahlias….
  2. Place them in tepid water as soon as you bring them home.
  3. Find a container that is scaled to the flower. (Use a glass or plastic container inside your decorative piece if needed.)
  4. Measure the height for the first cut.
  5. Cut all three flowers at the same height (tip: always use an odd number of flowers.)
  6. Arrange them in the container. (For this simple technique, you simply stick them in the jar.)
  7. Place them in your home, preferably some place that doesn’t get direct sun light.
  8. Change water after the first day, and then check water level every two days.
DIY Grocery Store Flower Arrangment Ideas
Simple Three Flower Grocery Store Arrangement adds warmth to any decor vignette

Three Flowers Can Create a Lush Arrangement

DIY Grocery Store Flower Arrangement
Three Lush Grocery Store Flowers create a beautiful DIY Flower Arrangment

But, not just any old flower. I chose hydrangea, but you can use whichever of the large blossom flowers is in season. (Note: When you are using, tall slender blooms like Iris, Tulips, or Roses, the arrangement will be more appealing if you stagger the height, and use filler flowers. Another post for another day).

DIY Grocery Store Flower Arrangement
Three Lush Hydrangeas Create a DIY Flower Arrangement

Be Creative When Choosing a Container for Your DIY Flower Arrangement

Besides vases, you can use vintage pitchers or bowls. For my arrangement, I used a pencil holder. To make sure there were no leaks, I just cut the top from a water bottle and placed it inside. Pay attention to the height of your container. For this full look, shorter containers work best, 4-6 inches in height.

DIY Grocery Store Flower Arrangement
Be creative when choosing a vase for your flower arrangement.Use plastic water bottle to prevent leaking

Cut the first flower to the appropriate height (slide your container to the edge of the counter to decide your height). For this look, the flowers are cut so that the blooms just clear the top of the container.

Simple Hydrangea Flower Arrangement
Cut the lush grocery store flowers the same length for a simple DIY flower arrangement

Then, cut all three of your flowers to that same approximate height.

Easy Hydrangea Flower Arrangement Ideas
Cut the three hydrangeas the same height for a lush grocery store flower arrangement

Remember to place them in an area that doesn’t receive direct sunlight if you want them to last for 8-10 days. Full disclosure, there is no such place on the front side of my home. So these beauties were moved after the photos were taken. The professionals say to change the water the day after making your arrangements and then every two or three days after that.

DIY Grocery Store Flower Arrangement
DIY Flower Arrangements add beauty to all decor vignettes
DIY Grocery Store Flower Arrangement
Three Flowers Create a Beautiful DIY Arrangement

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Enjoy Today!

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