This post will disclose A Christmas Revelation–The Elegant Little Tree and a surprise confession.

Turquoise Ginger Jar and Red Christmas Tree in jar
The Christmas Tree Revelation

Beautiful elegant Christmas trees are the centerpiece of Christmas decor. I’ve shared a post with a step by step video tutorial on how to acheive the look, and links for the products (some of them pricey): Elegant Christmas The Chinoiserie Christmas I’ve also completed a small Chinoiserie Tree I decorated for the entry that has gone viral! Super exciting for this blogger. The post is here: Chinoiserie Style Christmas Decor

Shop Above Tree

A Christmas Revelation–The Elegant Little Tree

What if I told you that the colorful vintage Christmas tree below, was created for under $20, and that almost all the items needed were from one thrift store?

Chinoiserie Christmas

Of course, if you thrift for it you will be able to find the general items, but it could take years to recreate the exact look. General items could be found to complete a tree with the $20.

I’ve found very similar items in the marketplace for you and linked them below each section. (Warning: although shopping the links is so convenient, the prices are no where near thrift store prices. Again, you know your own budget situation.)

Items Needed to Create an Elegant Little Thrifted Christmas Tree for Under $20:

  • Tabletop Christmas Tree (mine was $2.98)
  • Blue and White Chinoiserie Container (found for $4.99)
  • Ornaments (thrifted for $4.98)
  • Ribbon – I already had this ribbon, but you can find it at any craft store.

The Tinsel Christmas Tree

No matter the size or type of tree you prefer, I can assure you will find it at a thrift store. You may have to drop in a time or two, but you will eventually find it: pre-lit, blue spruce, flocked, tinsel, vintage, near new….you get the idea. I went for this $4.99, on sale for $2.50 reddish vintage-style tinsel tree.

Red Tinsel Tree in Chinoiserie Jar
Double Happiness Ginger Jar

Colorful Tinsel Trees

Elegant Blue and White Chinoiserie Container

How in the world, you may be wondering, did I get a vintage $150-$250. “Happiness Chinoiserie Jar” for $6. at the thrift store? Well, I suppose that someone felt it had lost it’s value because the original lid is missing. Filling it with flowers or greens, or placing a sphere on top during the year will be what I do when the Christmas tree is put away!

You may not find such a treasure as this, but you will see beautiful containers at little money. Chose the one that you love, and that will fit the tree that you find.

Chinese Happiness Jar with Red Tinsel Christmas Tree and Turquoise Ginger Jar
Vintage Red Tinsel Christmas Tree

Chinoiserie Happiness Jars

Thrifted Christmas Ornaments

The Christmas ornaments abound in the thrift stores. The workers usually have them separated by color for easy shopping. They have every size you could imagine as well! These little glass candles were quite a find!

Happiness Jar and Vintage Red Christmas Tree
Vingage Candle Ornaments

Minature Christmas Ornaments

Elegant Christmas Ribbon

Although I saw tons of ribbon at the thrift store, I knew I had this ribbon at home, that I hadn’t used. Last year I tied ribbons to my antique french mirror gallery. These mirrors are leaning against a wall in my office now, waiting on their new placement (still undecided on where).

Vintage Gold Mirrors with Pink Satin Ribbon
Antique French Mirrors with Ribbon
Blue Satin Ribbon on Red Christmas Tree with flocked tree in background
Cobalt Blue Satin Ribbon on Vintage Tree

Satin Ribbon

Elegant Little Chinoiserie Christmas Tree for under a $20 Bill

In my small social media platform, I’ve always encouraged you to make your home beautiful, with whatever size budget is your current reality. I’ve told the story of my beautiful bonus sister, Kathy the Proper, and how in her first year’s of marriage, the budget for home decorating was small. Yet, in the photos I would see many years later, in her current SPECTACULAR home, I saw an elegant home maker using what she could to create a beautiful environment for her friends and family. In that season of her life, that was wooden crates as side tables, complete with candle light! Result=Beautiful!

Turquoise Ginger Jar and Red Tinsel Christmas Tree in Blue and White jar
The Thrifted Tree

Enjoy Today!

Love y’all,

Lori Nell

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Thrifted Christmas Tree
The Thrifted Chinoiserie Christmas Tree

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