So we’d love to buy all new every season, but most of us (hand raised) are not independently wealthy. Thus, I’ve created this Fifty Something Women’s Holiday Fashion 2019 with a stretch your dollar theme in mind.

Yes, these items are Fifty Something Women’s Holiday Fashion 2019. However, they will take you through the winter, as they don’t scream HOLiDAy WEaR!!

Here are the items five fashion items that will take you through all the Christmas parties, girl’s shopping days, and date nights.

  • Silk-like Blouse
  • Faux Suede Pant
  • Every-Ready Turtleneck
  • Cozy Sweater
  • Shoes/Booties

Gorgeous Silk-Like Blouse

As much as the Christmas color wheel has expanded to include almost any color imaginable, is there really anything like Christmas red? The blouse I chose this holiday season has it all! It’s long enough to cover the parts that may have moved a little toward Florida, if you know what I mean. However, it’s thin enough to tuck in if you want, and not add bulk. I also love the pin tucking on the back, providing lots of room for enjoying the delicious tastes of the season. My EXACT BLOUSE

Beautiful Blouses I’m Loving

Versatile Faux Suede Pant

The faux suede pants I have for this season are incredibly comfortable. Honest to goodness. I’m never in a hurray take them off and slip on my comfy cozies. The pants shown here.

Beautiful Party Trousers I Love

Ever-Ready Turtleneck

Depending on where you live, you might have a drawer full of the ever-ready, easy to layer turtleneck. I love turtlenecks. The one I have for this season is a color that looks fabulous on all ages! The magenta throws beautiful light on our fifty something mugs. It is also so light weight, just perfect for layering. Here’s the turtleneck I’m wearing.

Turtle-necks I’m Loving

Cozy Sweater

There will be days that you don’t want to head out into the winter weather, but have no choice! A cozy sweater is a must. I found a similar sweater to my cream and silver color-blocked from last year, only the one I’m linking looks even more cozy. It almost makes me want to purchase it and donate mine (no worries, I’m far more thrifty than that)!

Here are Sweaters I’m Loving this Season

Swanky Shoes/Booties

I tried to stick to one shoe to highlight, but come on, now! Who can do that? Maybe you have a great pair of pumps, that can dress up even the most tattered pair of jeans you own. In that case it’s the boots you need. Here are several that I’m loving this season, and I need not even say how they MUST past the comfort test to head into my closet.

Here’s Some Footware I Love

The goal was to showcase a few items that will take you anywhere you need to go in the Holiday Season, and well into winter. Stay warm, and stay fashionably smashing!

Enjoy Today,

Love y’all,

Lori Nell

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