Valentine Table SettingYou would never convince those fresh from the public utterance of those forever words , “I do”,  that a holiday need be devoted for the express purpose of proclaiming their  love for each other. Sadly, not too long after the honeymoon, couples  delve headlong into life (establishing careers, purchasing homes, planning families, serving humankind), and allow those day-to-day demands of our time to relegate bettering our most important relationship to the bottom of our imaginary to-do list.

Thankfully, on any given day of enlightenment, we can reorder said list. You need not wait for February 14th, but I’m glad it enjoys a day on the calendar year after year for such an opportunity. For, on Valentine’s Day we celebrate love! Cupid insists!

cupidWe celebrate with our children (how many classroom parties will be taking place on or near February 14th), our friends, and others!  Tom the Great has always given Tom the Great, Jr. and Annalisa the Beautiful their very own box of valentine candy and a card, and I’ve served many Valentine’s Day pancakes on red heart-shaped plates!

I taught school (substitute) just this past week in one of our elementary school computer labs. Many of the students were learning how to make digitally animated valentine cards. Actually, I introduce coding concepts and the students run with it (smack dab over the top of me, skills wise I’m speaking)! As my good friend and master of education, Mauranda says, “Technology is their native language; it’s in their DNA”.  I enjoyed seeing their creativity! Picture a slime-covered cyclops performing a front flip over a prehistoric fire-breathing dragon while playing Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata and shouting “Happy Valentine’s! Be mine, sucker!”

coding valentine

Fun indeed! Still, I prefer the old-fashioned pen to paper, glitter covered,  hand drawn, sticker applied card, stuffed (not so gently) into an aluminum foil covered shoe box! I’m not quite sure why we matured in our decorating styles. What’s so wrong with glitter and stickers?

Nonetheless, we have moved on to decidedly more sophisticated tastes, I guess. So, the blog today will suggest several ways to create the love vibe around the home, with emphasis on creating an inexpensive valentine’s day dining table for two! My love, Tom the Great, and I will be celebrating at a simple but thoughtful dining table (likely over a delicious carry out dinner-no judgements, please). This table demonstrates that you don’t have to spend a fortune to have a beautiful, festive table. First, I dusted off a wedding picture of the two of us to anchor the tablescape (back when Tom the Great had a little pepper in the salt and pepper coif).

close up of photo 2

Just what is it about red, aptly labeled the color of passion and power? Red will always garner the center of attention.  In the music industry, red would be the Diana Ross and all accompanying colors, the Supremes (on this table white and gray).

imageThe red candles are from the after Christmas clearance cart at HomeGoods., while the melange of crystal/glass candlesticks can be found at your local craft store or big box store. They are big impact for little money!

crystal candlesticks.jpg

If you have crystal goblets, they will assuredly dance with the candlesticks. You don’t have to be fancy, use any clear glass you own. I “love” the hearts on these champagne flutes.

valentine table bment

(For my really observant readers, yes, I photographed on two days, on two tables, chasing the best lighting)!

Flowers and chocolate are the standard gift for the day. But, who says they have to be red roses?  Let him know if you prefer tulips! AND, they need not be bossy red.

Valentine's Day ~Tulips.jpg

Bossy red is not in charge of Valentine’s Day! If you are a fan of pink or blush, go with it. There are so many options out there to help create soft, romantic atmosphere for the love month.  Here, I’ve displayed some gluten-free macaroons and a rose-colored lemonade (for the much respected teetotalers). Feel free to substitute cupcakes and pink champagne should you choose!

lemonade and macaroons 2

lemonade and marshmellows.jpg

You may not be feeling the chocolate this year and that’s okay too! Maybe you’ll be requesting a beautiful heart necklace to celebrate your love.

french valentine.jpg

However you celebrate, make it personal! A few years back, I was inspired to write my handsome valentine a poem describing the day we met downtown Nashville, Tennessee on the sand volleyball court in Centennial Park,  in 1989. Believe me, Maya need not worry of being overthrown as the darling poet of our great nation. But, at least it is personal!


Enjoy Today! 

Love y’all,

Lori Nell



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