This post explores an Indoor Hydrangea and Azalea Garden Ideas.

Pink azalea in vintage brass trophy cup

Can we can agree that while we’ve been quarantined to our homes during this pandemic, we appreciate just about anyway that we can add some beauty to the space? So, when I spotted these beautiful plants pushed along the wall at the check out counter of my grocery store, during my essential grocery store visit, I grabbed several. They were also reduced for quick sale, and less expensive than cut flowers, winning! I had no idea at the time that it would spark a new interest for indoor gardening, or that indoor gardening was even a thing.

My Indoor Hydrangea and Azalea Garden

Indoor Garden with Pink Hydrangea and Azalea

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Indoor Garden — Really

You are thinkihng what I was thinking, if you are thinking “I didn’t know hydrangea and azaleas would grow inside”. “Indoor flower garden, huh?” My thoughts exactly. But, when I read the label provided it was called an indoor plant. So I started to do a little research.

Pink Hydrangea in Indoor Flower Garden

Growing Azaleas Indoors

  • Be sure it is a greenhouse azalea. They are usually sold indoors and come in a decorative foil wrapping.
  • They do best at cooler temperatures, ideally around 60-65 F. (16-18 C.). This will help the blooms last longer.
  • Keep them well lit, but out of direct sun.
  • Keep them moist. You can water them from the top. But, they also like to have their roots dunked in a a tub of water. Keep them under the water until all the bubbles disappear.
  • Reblooming is tricky but possible. Once the blooms die, you can allow them a little more light, and fertilize it with an all-purpose liquid fertilizer every two weeks

Source for above: Gardening Know How – Houseplants Archive

Indoor Hydrangea and Azalea Garden Ideas

Growing Hydrangea Indoors

The site listed below, did not recommend trying to keep the hydrangea indoor. But, said if you try, here’s a way to get modest success.

  • Place the hydrangea in the coolest room in your home; an unheated room is ideal.
  • They need as much light as possible, even next to a window.
  • No over-watering. Ahough it should never dry out (they will wilt), they should never sit in water.
  • Planting the hydrangea outdoors is always best, in late spring.
  • Foil wrapped hydrangeas are really best for one bloom, unless they can be planted outside.

Source for above: Plant Addicts – What do do with the Gifted Hydrangea

Indoor Pink Hydrangea and Vintage Brass Candlestick

My Indoor Flower Garden

Now, I’m no indoor flower garden professional, just the opposite. I’m as novice a novice as you will ever meet, but I’m going to give this a go. If I fail, I’m still so far ahead of the fresh flower bouqet game in my book, as I’ve only invested $12 total and a little time.

Pink Hydrangea and Vintage Brass

Items for My Indoor Flower Garden

  1. Indoor Hydrangea and Indoor Azalea
  2. Vintage Brass Containers
  3. Brass Candlesticks
  4. Bag Moss

Vintage brass containers and candlesticks were my choice for the indoor garden. My styling closet in the office is stocked with beautiful vintage brass containers and candlesticks. I’m always hunting for special additons to the collection. At this point, the piece would need to be amazing. I don’t haave to tell you all that I’ve already been playing around, rearranging, adding and subtracting from my indoor garden.

Indoor Hydrangea and Azalea Flower Garden

Adding the violet colored candles and greenery infused candle rings completed the task.

Indoor Flower Garden

Soon enough, my friends, we will all be in our outdoor gardens! Until then….

Enjoy Today!
Love y’all,

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