Week Three of Small Bathroom Makeover on a Budget – DIY One Room Challenge sponsored by Better Homes and Gardens , has been a lot of desk work and less physical work. This “Prettify the Privy” Makeover on a has all the”behind the scenes” work of a large makeover, or so it seems.

If you’re just now finding our blog, welcome! Here you can find where it all started: Week one: Prettify the Privy . You’ll find us humming right along during the second week found here: Week Two: Lacquered Furniture Statement.

DIY Bathroom Makeover Decor Items
DIY – ORC – Mood Board

Lacquered Furniture Statement

I’m still crazy for the bold lacquer paint we used to update the vanity. Next week we will reveal the knobs I chose for this beauty. As you might imagine, they would really need to dance with this vibrant shade of green. DANCE they do!

Lacquered Furniture - Green
Prettify the Privy – Lacquered Furniture

Week three brings much deliberation, a little second guessing, a tad of “if only I could further expand the budget”, a product returned with a second return possible. Nonetheless, we continue to Prettify the Privy here on King Lane.

DIY – Small Bathroom Makeover on a Budget

Week Three – Prettify the Privy Accomplishments

  • Light Fixture Installed
  • Installed the Mirror
  • Prepared the Ceiling Tiles for Installation
  • Endless Rumination on Wall Art
  • Ruled out Painting a Mural

Light Fixture Installed

The first thing you will notice is that I’m not sharing a photo of the light fixture! You know why? Because, I’m not sure if I’m going to keep it. It was perfect for the budget, and it’s really not a bad choice. I’m just not thrilled, and I want to be thrilled with every last detail. So, you might call this the first hiccup. I’m not a big fan of hiccups, if you are you’ll want to keep reading because the second one is below!

Install the Mirror

The good news is I’m thrilled with the mirror. Full disclosure, I did purchase a different one that I returned. It was a local store, so it wasn’t a big deal. When shipping is involved, you have to be quite sure of your choices, or it can be costly. I chose a sleek, clean lined modern mirror. That’s not a statement you will hear me make often. But, I believe with all the other wow elements we’re using in the space, the simple, clean-lined, round mirror is a great choice.

Bathroom Mirror and Vanity
Bathroom Mirror

The hiccup for this installation was that the light canopy for the new light was some smaller than the old fixture. We solved that with a couple coats of spackle, light sanding, and re-painting!

Week Three Small Bathroom Make Over Wrap Up

The behind the scences work continued with a final choice for the artwork and accessories, all to be in the final reveal. The mural idea will be saved fro another makeover. We have enough happiness going on in this small space. I will continue to mull over the lighting situation. If I preseverate long enough, I will run out of time and stay within the constraints of the already adjusted budget. What would you do? Would you blow the budget–you only live once, or stay within the constraints that you have adjusted one time already?

Week Four – To Do List

  • Add Cabinet Handles
  • Explore Crown Molding Options
  • Begin Ceiling Installation
  • Let There Be Light (decision)

Head over to the official blog page for more inspiration —One Room Challenge Blog Page , and don’t forget the guest participant posts . Thank you to our sponsor, Better Homes and Gardens

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Lori Nell Southern Nell~Gracious Living

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