Week Four – Cabinet Knobs and Light Fixture

Our DIY Small Bathroom Makeover on a Budget continues with Week Four- Cabinet Knobs and Light Fixture choice. This has been a productive week for the One Room Challenge sponsored by Better Homes and Gardens . The quest to “Prettify the Privy” has rounded second with a keen eye to stretch it to a triple.

Green Lacquered Bathroom Vanity with Black Marble and Knobs
Lacquered Vanity and Black Knobs

Week Four: These Items Got a Check Mark

  • Cabinet Knobs
  • Light Fixture
  • Ceiling Tiles

Cabinet Knobs for the DIY Small Bathroom Makeover

Makeovers are an endless affair of changing your mind. As I said last week, you have to make absolutely sure your decision is final before you start involving shipping costs, but local returns will only take a bite out of your time, not your budget. The first change I made to the plan (this week), is not to go with the original knobs I ordered weeks ago. They are beautiful, and will be utilized somewhere in this home on some future makeover in some unexpecting room.

Pink Agate Cabinet Knobs
Pink Agate Cabinet Knobs

Why? Great question. The vanity is so intricate and the color is so fabulous, the two were competing like two high school girls running for class president!

Bright Green Lacquered Cabinet
Intricate Details of the Vanity

So, I chose these elegant, simple and most importantly “willing to play a support role” black knobs. They allow the vanity to take center stage, while blending seamlessly with the black marble top.

Green Lacquered Bathroom Vanity with Black Marble Top and Knobs
Black Marble Surface and Black LMpbs

Light Fixture for the DIY Small Bathroom Makeover on a Budget

About changing your makeover mind, once again I’m here to prove out the therory. The light fixture I had chosen a while back is beautiful, simple, elegant, but really not all that Southern Nellish. Many of you will love it and will wonder why I exercised my woman’s perogative, yet again. Here it is.

brass light fixture

Tom the Great would be firmly in that camp along with you. But, I’m thankful he allows the “old southern girl” in me to come out in my home decor on occasion. We’ll be installing this crusty oldd beauty this week, instead. Still contemplating whether it will remain antique brass, or get black lacquered. The beautiful alabaster will, of course, remain white.

Antique brass and white alabaster vintage bathroom light fixture
Vintage Bathroom Light Fixture

The Ceiling Tiles for the DIY Small Bathroom Makeover on a Budget

To bump up the elegant factor and counter what leans toward a playful privy makeover , I’m installing ceiling tile. I plan to do another blog post down the road with more detail on this process. I think you will want to give it a try. Here’s the product I’m using. You’ll have to wait another week to see it in place. Mr. Bug took full advantage of his last opportunity to “Dance on the Ceiling”.

Black and White Cat on Ceiling Tile
Mr. Bug “Dancing on the Ceiling” Tile

DIY – Small Bathroom Makeover on a Budget

Week Five: To Do

  • Install Light Fixture
  • Finish Ceiling Installation
  • Start/Complete Crown Molding
  • Finalize Accessory Choices

Thank you for following along on this process. Please know that I share more of the day to day process on my Instagram Account in the Stories; be sure to check them out. Likewise, I’m constantly pinning my projects and other inspirational pins on My Pinterest Account. I’d love to see you over there as well.

Meanwhile, I’ll be spending hours trying to figure out how in the world I’ll be photographing this tricky little dark space! Possibly the hardest part of the final reveal, where to place the lights and camera (and myself) so as not to be captured in the mirror. Early in the a.m. I was caught working in my robe, planning just that very task.

Enjoy Today!
Love y’all,

Lori Nell

DIY Bathroom Makeover Decor Items
DIY – ORC – Mood Board

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