Welcome back, friends to the Lacquered Furniture Statement – Week Two of the Prettify the Privy – Makeover. We’re humming along during this One Room Challenge extravaganza that is ponsored by Better Homes and Gardens. If this is your first time on my blog, you can easily catch up by reading week one’s blog post here, Week One.

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Better Homes and Gardens – One Room Challenge – Week Two

Lacquered Furniture - Green
Prettify the Privy with Lacquered Furniture

One Room Challenge – Budget

The item I have failed to mention in the first post, and a most important consideration for any #ORC or DIY Makeover is setting the budget. If the sky is the limit for your makeover, your space can be fit for Kings and Queens. However, beauty and style are not constrained by a small budget. You can have a disaster or a spectacular space at ant price point. Theoretically.

So, $250 was a terrific target budget. In the beginning. At first. Before I got the ball rolling. Frankly, until it was no longer a terrific target.

I thought since I’ll be doing the work myself for this room makeover, I could keep it at $250. At week two I can already see the need to expand that number in order to get the look I desire for this room. SO, Tom, would you be a dear and loan me a couple more Benjamins? Thinking now that $450 will be a solid “fluid target budget”.

Black and White Artwork with colorful wooden boards
Prettify the Privy Mood Board

This week we will walk through the following for the One Room Challenge:

  • Playing with Color
  • Popcorn Has Never Been so Disgusting
  • Lacquered Furniture Statement – Sink or Swim
  • To Do List for Week Three

Playing with Color

In the near 24 years we’ve lived in our home, this small 6’x4′ space has seen 3 paint color changes and one wall paper installation. We’ve gone from builders beige to a gorgeous moody blue wallpaper, back to a light yellow, then a southing robin’s egg color, arriving at the “so-called” rose gold that we’re painting over now. Here’s a reminder of the before.

A novice would think, this tiny privy would be a quick paint job. Not so my friends. These small spaces have there challenges. Here is a quick video to demonstrate the fun.

Southern Nell-Gracious Living – Week Two – Better Homes and Gardens ORC

Despite the tight squeeze, the paint job has been completed. The color was custom mixed to match the trim color we used on the main floor. Yes, it’s a subtle and rather meek color, not what you’ve come to expect of me. Certainly, a bolder color could work beautifully in this small space. But, this time, I’m going with a timid backdrop, allowing the accessories to take center stage. Think, art gallery!

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

During this one room challenge, I discovered what is arguably the dirtiest DIY job in existence. You will not be clean, at the end of this one, girls.

Popcorn Ceiling in a One Room Challenge
Popcorn Ceiling Removal

It had to be done! The playing field had to be leveled for the surprise element coming your way in a few weeks. I promise to reveal the plan before we cross home plate! Something to look forward to, no?

Southern Nell – Gracious Living – Better Homes and Gardens ORC – Week Two

Lacquered Furniture Statement – Sink or Swim

The first twelve years of this powder room we had a pedestal sink. When I was planning this makeover, I thought of moving back in that direction. However, when I priced the pedestal sinks that interested me, I started to entertain other options, that would stay within (or close enough) the budgetary constraints. Absolutely crazy about this sink. I’ll tuck it away in the dream file. But, if your budget allows, GO FOR IT! It’s around $1000.

Back to reality. We’re going to paint the existing cabinet. This will be the third transformation for this workhorse. Here is a stock photo I found that is very similar to the vanity when we purchased it about 10-12 years ago. I know without doubt, some of you will like this brown finished cabinet better than the one in the makeover (Mom).

The first transformation involved chalk paint. There will be some of you who will prefer this rendition above the final reveal (Annalisa).

Sometimes, with a small budget you feel like you have to settle. In this case, I can sincerely say, I’m thrilled with the results of this settle. Back in the summer, I tried my hand lacquering a couple pieces of furniture. Here’s the link with step be step instructions: Lacquered Furniture DIY ~ Six Simple Steps . So, once I decided on painting, I knew I wanted the sexy, glossy, vivid finish of lacquer. Because, when you know, you know!

Lacquered Furniture - Green
Prettify the Privy – Lacquered Furniture

The finish is amazing and the color is a show stopper. The black faucet and black marble top will remain untouched. I love how they ground the space.

Lacquered Furniture Statement - Green

To Do List ~ One Week Challenge: Week Three

  • order accessories
  • decide on mirror and light fixture
  • paint the vanity
  • mull over the mural

I love a surprise, don’t you! I hope so, because I’m not going to show everything here on this second date! We’ve got to get to know one another before we go all the way in this small but intimate space. But, above are a few things that will be keeping me busy in the 7 days to follow. See you next week.

Jump on over to the official blog page and soak in the inspiration —One Room Challenge Blog Page , and don’t forget the guest participant posts . Thank you to our sponsor, the ICON of all things home: Better Homes and GardensBefore you go, however, would you be a doll and leave me a little love. Like – Comment – Subscribe — Really, the only e-mail you will receive is a notice that I’ve posted!

Enjoy Today,

Love y’all,

Lori Nell

A couple of my very favorites: Jewel Marlowe of Jeweled Interiors – she is a color genius and Meghann of Farm Fresh Curls (Instagram only) Brillant with White

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    • Southern Nell Gracious Living


      Thank you so much! It’s coming together, with a few surprises in store!

  1. Reply

    Removing the popcorn ceiling can make such a difference in any room – although messy, it’s worth it. I sometimes think to do a ORC just to get my rear in gear and get it done. And, I love the green.

    • Southern Nell Gracious Living


      Yes and yes on the popcorn and the rear!! It’s always good to have deadlines, right!

  2. acraftymix


    Aaaaawwwww a woman after my own heart!!! Love that gorgeous green on the cabinet. Boring, safe whites and brown are just So.Flippin.Boring. Can we start a trend to color the world in bright, happy colors please.

  3. Reply

    You know, I’ve never thought about lacquering a cabinet before! it looks great, Lori!! Oh, and years ago the first time I came to Texas I helped my sister-in-law remove popcorn ceiling… What a mess! Glad your bathroom area is small. 😉

    Happy finding all the things you need in there to complete the challenge,
    Barb 🙂

    • Southern Nell Gracious Living


      Thank you Barbara. It’s been fun so far, except that dirty ceiling job. Thank you so much for following along!

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