Valentine's Day Tablescapce

Easy Cottage Style Table Decoration Ideas for Valentine’s Day

It’s time again, for the cutest little guy and his snappy red accessories! No, not Santa. He’s taken a well deserved rest. Cupid! I suppose if we need a day dedicated to telling the one’s we love how much they mean to us, we might as well have a curly-haired, charming, winged angel directed to

French Revolution Master Bedroom Re-do Part Deux – Christmas Home Tour

  Let’s just put first things first; after 21 years and counting, the ceiling fan in the master bedroom is no longer! Two long years of searching, and just look. whAT. I. FOUND! The center piece, the grand dame, the piece de resistance,  for the French Revolution Master Bedroom, my French chandelier! I have combed

Fall Tablescape Inspiration ~ A Colorful Outdoor Tablescape and an Indoor Table Set with Neutrals

Do it now, friends! I know I’m not the boss of you. But, if I  were, I’d say get your people together and share a meal and some fun outside. You don’t have to be fancy. It’s all about enjoying the beauty of the season with people you love! It can be as simple as

Before and After Master Bedroom Partie Un (Dressed for fall,of course)

To date, the blogs of my home have either been on the main level or outside. Today, we’re headed up the stairs to take a look at the master bedroom. I’ll admit up front, my confidence here is wavering a tad. I’ve been working on the transformation of this space for over a year now.  I’m a big

A Simple, Elegant, Brown and White Fall Tablescape

If I had to choose one word to describe this tablescape it would be simple! Thank goodness, being the girl boss of this blog, I can add elegant, classy, casual, earthy, and painless to the description if I take a notion! With the adjoining living room alive with color, the brown, white and crystal tablescape might be a welcome rest

Fall Home Tour – 2017 – Living Room

Next up on the  Fall Home Tour – 2017 is an up close look at the living room.  Beings I’ve used up all the creative words I know about fall on the past two blogs, Fall Home Tour – 2017 – Family Room and Dining Room and Fall on the Front Porch,  this blog will be like my

Fall on the Front Porch

Fall 2017 Home Tour will continue with a look at the changing of the seasonal decor guard that took place on the front porch! Your’s truly, Southern Nell (said with a head tilt and a coy smile), is not one to “stay in the safe zone”, at least with color. You remember from an earlier post about

Fall Home Tour – 2017 – Family Room and Dining Room

  As much as we love summer, and we love summer, I’m afraid “That’s all folks!” The tilt of the Earth’s rotational axis brings forth yet another season! Our hope, now, is that our much revered summer will  let us down slowly. Let’s embrace this new season as a welcomed opportunity to morph the décor of our home

Lake Home ~ Restyling a Great Room with a View

When you live on the corner of Paradise and Heron, the visual expectations for the dramatic are amplified! My dear friends, and lifelong King Lane Gang members, Rob and Pam reside at that very poetic locale; it profusely exceeds the presumption. When she requested I drive to their Minnesota Lake home to help style her large

Strolling Through a Master’s Garden

You know how I make no claims to be good in the kitchen? Well, I’m only slightly above novice in the flower garden. Yeah, I manage pretty well with pots and planters. But with the larger grounds and beds and stuff,  I’m still a beginner type! Still, just like I thoroughly enjoy a well prepared

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